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3 Destinasi Korea Selatan yang Wajib Dikunjungi K-Pop Lover, Bila Beruntung Bisa Ketemu Artis Korsel

"At first I was very nervous," about the summit, he said. "Our Supreme Leader was crossing over to the dangerous South side." But when Kim held hands with Moon to lead him to the northern side and back again, he added, "I thought the day of reunification was coming near." But such sentiments are a recent phenomenon. North Korea proclaims itself to have won the 1950-53 conflict, which it calls the Great Fatherland Liberation War. A large stone plaque on its side of the DMZ commemorates a 2012 visit by Kim, who "gave us a valuable lesson that this is a historic place where the US invaders kneeled before our people to sign their surrender". "Our future generations will live in a reunified motherland," it cites him as declaring. The North constantly reiterates the importance of reuniting the peninsula, divided by the US and Soviet Union in the closing days of the Second World War, and its 1950 invasion was an attempt to do so by force. Since then democratic, capitalist South has accelerated into the economic distance, rising to become the world's 11th-largest economy. In contrast the North was hammered by the collapse of the Soviet Union and has been subjected to multiple UN Security Council sanctions over its weapons ambitions. On a previous visit to the DMZ, AFP's then escort said that the "true nature" of the US was that it "gets in the way of peace".

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Sudan must 'terminate' N. Korea ties before terror tag talks: US

But Washington insists Khartoum must provide a complete assurance it has cut relations with nuclear-armed Pyongyang, which rattled the international community last year with a flurry of nuclear and missile tests. The US is also pushing Sudan to improve its record on human rights, religious freedom and other rights issues to take its negotiations with Khartoum to the next phase. "Above all is the importance of terminating any business ties to North Korea," a top US official familiar with Washington's negotiations with Khartoum told AFP on condition of anonymity. "There is lot more that we need to see in the way of evidence provided to us that the business has been terminated." "No more business, period. Give us the evidence that in fact you are stopping it. That's what they have to do with us." Khartoum says it is committed to respecting all resolutions passed by the UN Security Council against North Korea. "Sudan confirms it has no relations with Democratic People's Republic of Korea at any level," the Sudanese foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday. The call on Sudan comes as there are signs of a thaw in relations between Pyongyang and the outside world, with leader Kim Jong Un meeting his South Korean counterpart on Friday, ahead of an planned summit with US President Donald Trump. Sudan and North Korea have had no diplomatic relations for years, but some rights and campaign groups allege that the two have engaged in military ties. Washington imposed sanctions in 1997 over Sudan's alleged support of Islamist militant groups.

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